Kevin Durant Would Sign Drake, Rihanna and Wale

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In a recent interview for the online magazine Swag by Champ Sports, Kevin Durant talked about who he would sign if he had his own record label. The first three off the top of his head would be Drake, Rihanna and Wale. Being from DC, Kevin Durant knows of Wale and the up and coming talent he has. Of course Drake and Rihanna are already superstars just like him, so having them on the team would be essential for success. Check out the video of Kevin Durant below and be sure to stay tuned for the NBA season to see how he performs after losing to the Heat in the finals.

“If I started a record label today I would sign Drake, I would sign Wale and Rihanna,” said KD. “Drake, just because he has that icon type of status now. Wale, hometown guy on the come up. Just like me a young guy that’s trying to find his way. Rihanna is just…she’s like the new thing for the women side of what she does and she’s doing a phenomenal job.“

Kevin Durant Interview

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