Usher Claims To Influence Drake Music

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In a recent issue of FADER magazine, Usher talks about how he influences some of the new and old Drake music. Check out what Usher had to say about Drake and other artists like Rick Ross below.

Drake has made it—well I mean, go back, I made it okay to rap over ballads. So I guess even the creation of artists like Drake, having been an inspiration for those artists, I guess that was my style at one point. And as I begin to create other things and go in other directions, it still was great inspiration for them. So when you hear music like Drake or music that 40 and them create, I feel great about it. I love it and I wanted to participate in it, but I didn’t think that I needed as many features because the music doesn’t call for it. Rick Ross was one on ‘Lemme See.’ I felt like that would complement the record and make it better and it was a surprise.

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