Pictures Of Drake & Lil Wayne During New Years Eve Party

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Check out these pictures of Drake and Lil Wayne in Miami during a New Years Eve party at the Cameo Nightclub. All of Cash Money and Young Money attended while Lil Wayne and Drizzy performed live for the audience. You can see the new Lil Wayne tattoos of the stars on his face in the second picture. Now the question is when will Drizzy start covering his body with tattoos, since it looks like he’s the only member of Young Money without one.


[Source: the305]

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  1. its me

    March 6, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    he’s not he is jewish. i know he;s a rapper n curses a lot but that comes with the job. unless your a will smith who can bend those rules and still come on top. but there r certain things u gotta say no to. such as tattoos who cares what your job is. thats permanent . lil wayne will look like a 90 yr old freak because he doesnt have religion. i respect drake and honor him for that. hope it continues.

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