Drake’s So Far Gone Gets Mixtape Of The Year From Mixtape Daily

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Drake’s So Far Gone Mixtape has received the award for the 2009 Mixtape Of The Year from Mixtape Daily. Drizzy Drake, Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham, Drizzy Drake Rogers, whatever you want to call him is becoming a household name among rappers these days. He hasn’t even put out an official album yet, and has had two smash hits in “Successful” and “Best I Ever Had” that propelled him to the top. MTV reports that Drake is also in their top 3 rappers for “Hottest MCs in the Game” list. Drake has accomplished more in one year then most rappers could accomplish in a career. Joining Young Money and linking up with Lil Wayne was one of the biggest steps in his career, and I doubt he has been looking back at all since then. His “So Far Gone” mixtape was just a preview of what he is capable of, and next year we will get to see his true potential when he releases “Thank Me Later” around March of 2010. Hit the jump to check out the video here at the #1 Drake fansite.

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