Drake Talks About Grammy Nominations And Lil Wayne Reactions

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Rap-Up just got an exclusive interview with rapper Drake over the weekend in Los Angeles, and had a chance to talk about his Grammy nominations. In the video he speaks about receiving props from Smokey Robinson, Will I Am, and even the Jonas Brothers who he says he’s cool with. Who’s the one person Drake will bring to the Grammy’s? His mom. He said him and his mom used to joke about being nominated, and now that’s it true, they joke about winning one, which he’s not really sure what will happen. Drizzy Drake then talks about how Lil Wayne reacts to big news, and that he really even didn’t tell Weezy at first. When you tell Lil Wayne about something big and important, he’ll just ignore it, and bring up the next move or track they need to produce. After the jump you can catch a another video of Drake at the Crenshaw Mall, brought to you by the number one Drake fansite.

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