Drake Is #8 On MTV News’ Top Men Of The Year

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One of the biggest stories of 2009 in the hip hop and rap game was the rise of the new rapper Drake and his chart topping music. From his beginnings as the actor in a wheel chair on Degrassi, Drizzy Drake has become one of the most sought after names in rap. His So Far Gone mixtape helped him rise to the top of the game, and it received the mixtape of the year from Mixtape Daily. Signing with Young Money was a smart move for Drake‘s career, and you can bet that’s what secured his #8 position for the MTV News Top Men Of The Year award.

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  1. Hansu

    November 26, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    I think something else to cendisor is, Drake worked hard for his fan-base. He made clear moves that took him from mixtape rapper to superstar. A shout out is still shine, it’s still exposure. It’s not like someone couldn’t do some research, go and buy the LB albums, and discover damn, Phonte is dope. You are only entitled to what you negotiate. What does Drake have to gain from putting Phonte on a track? Let’s be honest, this is still a business, and doing shit just for the love is cool, but not the norm. Be honest Wayne put Tech Nine on his last album, did that make you go check out his catalog?

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